Integrated Hospital Management System

Care is the perfect healthcare IT solution for any organization, whether it is a large hospital, small sized hospital, or a nursing home.


Care HIS - Hospital Management Software is developed using latest technologies to manage working of a hospital in a paperless environment. Being modular in nature it easily integrates various aspects of hospital like Patient Registration, OPD, IPD, OPD Pharmacy, Purchase and Stores. It’s ready to use features make it very suitable for fastest implementation. Whether it is a large hospital, small sized hospital, or a nursing home.

Care HIS is the perfect healthcare IT solution. A single database is used to link patient demographics and medical records to patient billing, and cases information. These features make this a cutting edge HIS, raising the part of the framework from passively gathering data to effectively helping providers for the best health care.

Key Features

  • Registration
  • Admission
  • Cabin/Bed Allocation
  • Transfer/Change
  • Doctor Visit
  • Service
  • Roster Doctor
  • Nursing
  • Discharge
  • Billing
  • Credit Notes
  • Refunding
  • Appointment
  • Reservation
  • Registration
  • Billing
  • Credit Notes
  • Refunding
  • Assigning Tests
  • Billing
  • Payment Options
  • Result Input
  • Result Generation
  • Edit Test Result
  • Report Generation
  • Referal Calculation
  • Machine data transfer by LIS (Laboratory Information System) Protocol.
  • Patient's data entry module for Progress Report
  • Create Doctor Order Sheet
  • History Sheet of Patient.
  • Patient's Intake Output Records.
  • Patient's Treatment Records.
  • Patient's other treatment Records.
  • OT Booking
  • OT Surgery Posting
  • OT Clinical Note
  • PAC Clearence
  • OT Bill Clearence
  • Integrated with IPD/OPD module
  • OP/IP Sale
  • IP Issue
  • Inventory
  • Department Issue
  • Sale Report
  • Return/Exchange
  • OP billing (Cash /Credit)
  • IP billing(Cash /Credit)
  • Approval
  • BillingClaims Processing (Manual/E-claims)
  • Ageing
  • Create prescription by easy steps.
  • Patient's Profile
  • Patients treatment History.
  • Treatment follow up.
  • Doctor's Profile
  • Share records online.
  • Add Patient