POS (Point of Sales) Software

SmartSales is designed to meet the maximum requirements of different types of merchandising business areas. Its dynamic features are suitable for Export/Import, Dealership & Retail Business.


SmartSales is a complete sales management software. It is designed to maintain every section related to your merchandising business like Order, Purchase, Sales, Supplier Payment and many other management easy and correctly. Its business intelligence reporting tool will generate Journal, Ledger, Balance Sheets, Profit & Loss Statement and customized reports which will help entrepreneur to understand the business statics properly and that will enhance productivity. Therefore it’s simple and user friendly GUI (Graphical user interface) will help end users work comfortably.

Key Features

  • Search Product.
  • Update/Edit product.
  • View Inventory.
  • Manage Inventory.
  • Receive from warehouse.
  • Return damage/ Expire product.
  • Offer mgt.
  • Challan Mgt.
  • Receive damage/Expire product.
  • Purchase management
  • Inventory mgt
  • Barcode mgt
  • Reports
  • Accounts
  • POS (Point of Sales).
  • Sales Return.
  • Exchange Product.
  • Customer Registration.
  • Sale point configuration.
  • Create offer.
  • Manage offer of principles.
  • View offer
  • Print offer
  • Create principles.
  • Create customers.
  • Create challan.
  • Return Challan.
  • Bill posting.
  • Journal posting.
  • Ledger posting.
  • Expenditure posting.
  • Customer Ledger.
  • Principles Ledger.
  • Sale Revenue.
  • General Journal.
  • Balance Sheet.
  • Income Statement.
  • Profit & Loss Statement.
  • Data synchronization.
  • Replication.
  • Online backups.